Why Do New Yorkers, in the Pizza Capital of America, Actually Order Domino's?

Why eat fast food when you can eat an artisanal product instead?

It's not pizza, it's Domino's. 

It boggles the mind of many a New Yorker that pizza chains like Domino’s and Pizza Hut not only have locations in the Pizza Capital of The World, they actually do brisk business. In New York, where a decent slice of pizza can be purchased for a buck and two world-class slices rarely set you back more than six or seven dollars, why would anyone settle for mass-produced imitation?

We asked around the office, and sure enough a few co-workers sheepishly admitted to ordering the occasional Domino’s. The unanimous reason behind ordering Domino’s instead of an actual New York pizza? The fact that they’re two very different things.

“Being in the mood for Domino’s is very different from being in the mood for pizza,” one said. “I don’t know what it is, it’s just different. It feels like more of an indulgence.”

“It’s like the difference between being in the mood for a Hot Pocket instead of a calzone,” another chimed in.

“When I want pizza, I’ll order pizza,” a third agreed. “But when I want Domino’s, I want Domino’s.”

Another reason? Late-night cravings. “Domino’s is open later, and delivers much later than a lot of pizzerias do,” one said.


So there you have it. In New York, the pizza is so good that Domino’s doesn’t even count as the real deal. It's a different food altogether.