Who Serves Better Food, Yankee Stadium Or Citi Field?

The Yankees and Mets both call New York home, but their stadiums couldn't be more different. Located in the Bronx, the gleaming and palatial Yankee Stadium offers plenty for high-rollers to enjoy; while City Field, located in Queens, is slightly more for-the-people. Both stadiums offer a wide assortment of good culinary options, but whose is better?

First Yankee Stadium. 2016 brought a slew of new culinary options to the House that Ruth Built, including the Triple Play Stand, selling such outrageous creations as a burger topped with bacon, pastrami, and American cheese; another topped with a fried chicken cutlet; and another with grilled cheese sandwiches as buns. Also new for 2016 are stands selling Italian-style shaved roast pork sandwiches, grilled cheese, egg creams, a chicken and waffle cart, Buffalo chicken quesadillas, gluten-free turkey burgers, a two foot-long cheesesteak, and bacon on a stick. Returning classics include sliced steak sandwiches from Lobel's and killer chicken parm sandwiches from Parm.

Now on to Citi Field. Shake Shack and Blue Smoke Barbecue, both from Danny Meyer, are already legendary dining options at Citi, but new additions this year include Fuku (David Chang's super-hot fried chicken sandwich shop), steak sandwiches and steak frites  from superstar butcher Pat LaFrieda, and fresh-made pizzas from Papa Rosso (also from Danny Meyer). These join standouts like tacos and nachos from El Verano Taqueria, Italian sandwiches from the famed Mama's of Corona, seafood from chef Dave Pasternack of Esca, Belgian-style frites, pastrami on rye, and pizza from Two Boots.

While the new additions at Yankee Stadium this year sure sound tasty, giant burgers and cheesesteaks aren't especially new or exciting, and gutbombs like these only come across as gimmicks. While Brother Jimmy's is fine, it doesn't hold a candle to the legitimately great 'cue at Blue Smoke. Those in the know will tell you that the Lobel's sandwich is the best culinary offering at Yankee Stadium, but its consistency can vary greatly and they're small for the $15 price tag. At Citi Field, the dining options are more well-rounded, and they can call Danny Meyer and David Chang their own.

After weighing the options, we can declare that the Mets' Citi Field has decidedly better food than Yankee Stadium.