White Castle's Fried Pickles Are Back

Warm weather snacks are making their way to White Castle. To usher in summer, the burger chain has brought back its fan-favorite fried pickles and summer smoothies and is introducing three new barbecue-inspired sliders.

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White Castle's salty, juicy, crunchy fried pickles are covered in panko breading and then deep-fried and served with ranch dipping sauce. Customers can order their pickles in either a $1.99 small size or the much larger sack size for $4.99. The snack is available while supplies last or until June 28. 

White Castle's smoothies have also returned, including super popular strawberry lemonade and a new tropical flavor with mango, pineapple and banana for $2.99.

The Kansas-based chain will also offer the BBQ Brisket Slider topped with smoked and sliced brisket, a BBQ Impossible Slider featuring a meatless Impossible patty, and a 99-cent BBQ Original Slider which, according to a press release from the brand, "builds on the chain's famous steam-grilled Original Slider."

All three sandwiches are topped with barbecue sauce and crunchy onions and will be available for a limited time. However, you can try the BBQ Original Slider for free if you show up dressed in "western apparel" (think cowboy) on Wednesdays beginning May 1. All who oblige will be offered two free BBQ Original Sliders with any purchase. We recommend purchasing the pickles, but you know you can never go wrong with fries.