White Castle's New Sloppy Joe Sliders Are Only 99 Cents

White Castle is kicking off the new year with a brand-new menu item that you might need a few extra napkins for. Sloppy Joe Sliders, a twist on the American comfort food classic, feature 100 percent lean ground beef in a sweet and tangy sauce with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers topped with smoked cheddar cheese for just 99 cents each — a whole dollar less than the plant-based Impossible Sliders that launched last fall.

How Fast Food Has Changed Since You Were in High School

The Ohio-based fast food brand has also announced new triangular Mac and Cheese Nibblers, which are macaroni and cheddar cheese bites fried in a cheddar batter. Fans can order a five-piece for $1.99, 12-piece for $3.79 or 20-piece for $5.99. Both new menu items are available at White Castle now through February 24 or while supplies last.

If you've got an appetite for both and your motto is "go big or go home," you can order the Cheesy Mac and Joe Combo, a bundle of six Sloppy Joe Sliders and Cheese Sliders, plus two small Mac and Cheese Nibblers for $7.99. That's six sliders and 10 fried mac and cheese bites. The price sounds nice, but do you really want that or is it all in your head? Offering extras for a pretty penny is just another way fast food chains are playing with your head.