Where To Eat And Drink In Philadelphia's Fishtown

As people stroll throughout Fishtown, they will notice that the once-epicenter of the commercial fishing industry has emerged into one of Philadelphia's most vibrant neighborhoods. Filled with artistic and culinary wonders, Fishtown resembles the chic and urban atmosphere of Brooklyn but carries its own unique character.

Whether a local or tourist, spending the day in Fishtown is one way to experience the evolution of Philadelphia's young and trendy areas. Here's where we suggest you visit.

Yards Brewing Company
Nestled near the Delaware River, Yards Brewing Company is an English-inspired brew house offering people innovative drafts that define American craft beer. The 38,000-sqaure foot facility is opened for tours, but most of their patrons gather in the tasting room to try one of their signature flights. Sticking to its American roots, the Philadelphia-based brewery serves the Revolutionary flight.

The flight takes visitors on a journey to the Colonia Era with the personal recipes from the Founding Fathers, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. People can experience the reward General Washington gave to officers or troops of valor with the Tavern Porter. Within one sip, visitors will notice that this dark and robust Porter is smooth with a hints of fried fruit and molasses for a touch a caramel. Unlike the Washington, Jefferson's recipe was discovered in a letter to a friend explaining that his ideal draft would be sweeter to bring the richness of the beer out. With a high percentage alcohol, the Tavern Ale is made with honey, rye and wheat.

Culminating the brews that define the American experience, the brewery offers Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce. Benjamin Franklin published a yearly almanac known as Poor Richard's Almanack and used the name as a pseudonym. Made with barley, molasses and essence of spruce, the Tavern Spruce brings a refreshing taste to the traditional ale that will have many people ordering another pint.

La Colombe
A visit to Fishtown is not complete without stopping by ‪La Colombe's flagship location. The massive café is an oasis for coffee lovers and includes their roasting facilities, a tasting room, bakery and even a distillery for their signature rum. Unlike other coffee spots, ‪La Colombe does not have wifi, which gives visitors the chance to unwind from technology and appreciate a cup of coffee with friends. People can admire a large wall mural of paying homage to coffee and the neighborhood. Besides ordering a traditional cup of coffee, people can have La Colombe's latest creation, the Draft Latte. The innovation full bodied beverage is made with milk, cold pressed espresso and naturally sweet. Topped with a layer of foam, the iced latte is on draft and the perfect drink on those warm days.

Root Restaurant + Wine Bar
Frankford Avenue is the main artery of Fishtown and is home to many restaurants and bars, including Root Restaurant + Wine Bar. Delivering a sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere, Root is a popular eatery offering a relaxed dinner among locals. Customers can select a glass or bottle of wine from the restaurant's extensive collection and bring a refreshing take on Italian, Spanish and American wines.

Patrons are taken on an international journey to various vineyards. There are some wines that will be familiar to diners, but there are others will expand people's palates. From Turkey to Portugal and Germany, the obscure wines leave a memorable mark for diners. The wines rotate throughout the months, which is part of the fun when dining at Root. White wine enthusiasts will be pleasantly surprised with the Emir Turasan. With notes of pears, citrus peel and white flowers, the vintage is a refreshingly light choice.

Root compliments the luscious wines with intricate seasonal dishes that are full of flavorful ingredient delivering a powerful taste. People will have a hard time deciding what to order, but the cauliflower with caper Zeppole and the fried chickpeas with Moroccan spices are irresistible appetizers that pave the way for an unforgettable main course. Besides their signature spiced rub lamb chops, there is one dish that will be a favorite with patrons. The Duxelle Burger is an all mushroom topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and their sauce. The restaurant cooks the healthy alternative in a style that keeps it together, unlike other vegetarian burgers, which makes diners feel than are indulge on a juicy beef burger.