Waffle House's New Food Truck Can Cater All Your Events

Now you can bring Waffle House everywhere you go

Waffle House now has a food truck that cooks up Waffle House favorites at events across the country, for a price

Waffle House has officially joined the food truck wave. Our favorite 24-hour dining operation is now renting out food trucks for private events nationwide. The Atlanta-based chain’s trucks are perfect for bringing the taste of Waffle House cooking to birthdays, weddings, reunions, corporate retreats, Cardi B after-shows, or any event you see fit. 

“Used for private events only, the Food Truck brings our unique experience right to YOU!!” states the Waffle House website of its new food truck setup. “We can pull up and cook your desired menu choices for you and your guests.”

That means you can get Waffle House steak and eggs, pancakes, hashbrows, sandwiches, and burgers all at your event on demand, nationwide. However, there is a bit of a hefty price tag attached. For starters, there’s a $90 rental fee, then a $50 per hour mileage fee to and from the event. Also, events anywhere outside Georgia may incur a lodging fee for the cooks and driver.

Don’t forget, the per person cost is also based on your chosen menu options and the quantity — so keep all that in mind if you plan on having a big party all the way across the country in, like, Idaho or something.

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