Vino Treats To Try For National Wine Day

For some lucky few, "wine o'clock" is all the time — 365 days of the year. For the rest us wine enthusiasts, May 25 signifies a day of celebration: National Wine Day!

Most of us will celebrate the day with a glass or two of our favorite vino. But for those looking for an alternative, this year there are some noteworthy fun and "corky" wine-themed products on the market! So in preparation for National Wine Day, here are of some delightfully unconventional vino treats to help celebrate the day with a twist.


We all know frosé was all the rage in 2016, but this year consider popping open a frozen boozy popsicle to cool you down. Fruta Pop is one of a few companies providing an array of boozy popsicle treats you can purchase online. Its Prosecco POPs come in a variety of flavors including: Mimosa Mango, Passion Fruit, and Pomegranate made with Nani Rizzi Prosecco.

Canned Wines

Another trending on-the-go alternative is wine in a can. Whether you're planning on a picnic in the park or simply counting your serving sizes, you can find these glass-less options from a variety of popular brands. Social media comedian The Fat Jewish now offers a canned vino with his BABE Rosé — with bubbles. Other well-know brands also offer canned options, like Barefoot's Refresh Spritzer varietals — Moscato Spritzer and Rosé Spritzer.

There are also companies like The Drop Wine that exclusively specialize in canned wine. Founder and CEO Alexis Beechen suggests celebrating May 25 by making your own rosè Jell-O shots.

Get the recipe here.

Dips and Salsas

Try a wine-infused dip from retailers like Harry & David, now offering two flavors: raspberry chardonnay salsa and pepper and onion relish with zinfandel.


Virgin Vino Options

There are even non-alcoholic options for those of us who prefer a virgin vino treat. Consider grabbing a lollypop or grain bar instead of a bottle.


Lollyphile is a gourmet candy company creating outrageous lollipops in flavors like cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, and merlot — in addition to a wide variety of beer and cocktail-flavored pops for those who aren't winos. Lollyphile's wine flavors make a fun treat on National Wine Day or just to enjoy any time of day (no actual alcohol is used to make the pops).


Sangria KIND Bars may be a possibility in the near future. As part of an advertising campaign warning consumers of the fictitious condition called "Restless Palate Syndrome," KIND is in pursuit of new flavors — and the choices include a sangria-flavored bar. From May 9 to May 31, KIND fans can vote here for one of four new potential flavors.