Twix Made a Candy Bar With Triple the Chocolate

Did you say ‘triple the chocolate’?

Twix just got super chocolaty. 

If you’ve ever eaten a Twix and thought, “Man, I wish this had more chocolate,” then your day has finally come. Hot off the heels of Butterfinger’s rebranding, Twix has introduced a new bar with three times the chocolate. It’s appropriately called the Triple Chocolate Cookie Bar and is made with chocolate cookie bars, chocolate caramel and classic chocolate coating.

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As that one extremely aggressive fish from “SpongeBob” once said: “Chocolate? Did you say… chocolate? CHOCOLATE? CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE!” Anyway, yeah. We are all that fish. He would probably like the new Twix.

So far, the response from fans on social media looks positive. Some are sharing GIFs, like this one of Christina Aguilera on “The Voice” saying, “Come to me.” Others are keeping it short and sweet, like @lostpickle299, who says, “…Cool…”


The brand-new bar is rolling out to major retailers nationwide sometime this month, and it’ll come in both single and share sizes (but we won’t judge you if you don’t share because… same). The iconic sweet treat now comes in original caramel, white chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter and triple chocolate. So. Much. Chocolate! But trying all of these different flavors isn’t the only reason you should eat chocolate every day.