Trump Says He’ll Start Dining at DC Restaurants Other Than His Own

He’s setting out to eat at other restaurants after someone criticized him for only eating at his hotel

President Donald Trump says he’ll start eating at local Washington, D.C., restaurants instead of just his own. According to the Washington Examiner, Trump said he was criticized for only dining at Trump International Hotel, but claims that’ll change.

“I’ll tell you, my favorite restaurant … rather than insulting anyone, I will say: I love the food in the White House. The White House is the greatest restaurant … It’s the most beautiful,” Trump said on The Larry O’Connor Show on November 2.

“They do such a beautiful job,” he continued. “This is such a beautiful, incredible place. I love it … Special people, they’ve worked here for many, many years. Special people and the food is very, very good.”

This is a change in heart for the Don, who once told golf buddies the White House was “a real dump,” according to Golf Magazine. Someone must’ve forgotten a side of ketchup with his well-done steak.

“That being said … in Washington you do have some great restaurants, and I’m going to start going to them,” Trump said. “I was accused the other day, well, when I leave the White House, which is seldom, I always go to my hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, and they say, ‘He should go to other places.’ And I never thought of it, and I’m going to start doing it.”

Trump International Hotel’s restaurant was originally supposed to be operated by chefs Jose Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian. The two withdrew from the contract after then-candidate Trump said Mexican immigrants were “bringing crime” and “being rapists.”

Seperately, the hotel is getting a brand new sushi bar called Sushi Nakazawa. It will be led by New York restaurateur Alessandro Borgognone, who says Trump’s “political views are not our views,” and the “current political climate has nothing to do on how we conduct business.”

Controversy also surrounds New York City’s Trump Tower Grill, which hasn’t always been given the thumbs-up. In 2016, Vanity Fair gave a scathing review on its “flaccid, gray Szechuan dumplings” and “Gold Label Burger,” which allegedly tasted worse than a pig’s eyeball the author was once dared to eat. But nonetheless, Trump says the best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill.

“I love Hispanics!” he tweeted on Cinco de Mayo in 2016.


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