Are These Thanksgiving Traditions Actually Really Weird?

The more you do something, the more accustomed to it you get. Even if it's completely weird, it'll seem normal if it's an annual tradition, and the more you think about it, Thanksgiving has some oddball traditions. Here are five.

Seriously, how often do you sit down to a dinner of an entire roasted turkey when it isn't Thanksgiving or another major holiday, like Christmas? Yes, it feeds a lot of people, but the turkey is often bland, dried-out, and far from the meal's tastiest component. Why not roast a prime rib instead?

The Wishbone
Hey kids, come over here and rip this bone in half! Whoever gets the larger half will be blessed with good luck by... the ghost of the turkey? When you think about it, it's a pretty bizarre tradition.

Pardoning a Turkey
Every year, the leader of the free world trots out a confused turkey and bestows upon it a Presidential pardon, which is essentially an executive order mandating that it not be killed and eaten, and not an easy one to come by, at that. Heck, that turkey probably wasn't headed for the slaughterhouse anyway! What gives?

Giant Balloons
You know what's a great way to express your gratitude for all the good fortune you've been granted this year? By trotting a giant balloon of Dora the Explorer down Broadway!

Thanksgiving is about the Pilgrims, and Squanto, and the harvest, and shoes with buckles on them. You know what holiday is about Santa? Christmas! I know you like to be the center of attention, Santa, but you have no reason to be included in a Thanksgiving day parade.