These Should Be The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors In Every State

It's finally summer, and if you're like us, you've got ice cream on the brain. Unless you're in a particularly awesome ice cream shop, however, your options are sadly probably limited. Sure, some ice cream shops can have well over a dozen varieties, but far too few are doing things like incorporating seasonal ingredients into their batches, or creating special ice creams that taste like signature sweets of the state they're in. So we took it upon ourselves to figure out what should be the signature ice cream flavor of every state.

These Should Be the Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors in Every State (Slideshow)

According to research conducted by Twitter, the two most popular ice cream flavors in each state are (of course) chocolate and vanilla, in that order. Cookie dough comes in third place in the majority of states, with strawberry and chocolate chip bringing up the rear (only one state, Louisiana, preferred brownie to those three). But what if the most popular ice cream flavor in each state actually said something about the state itself? What if it was based on a dessert that's incredibly popular in the state, or a fruit that the state is known for?

In order to assemble our list, we researched just that: iconic desserts and fruits of each state, ones that we think will turn into a mighty fine scoop of ice cream. So ice cream shop owners take note: You might want to create these flavors and add them to your rotation, because a little state pride goes a long way. Click here to see what the most popular ice cream flavors in each state should be.