These 8 Restaurants Make Turkey Burgers You'll Actually Want To Eat

Turkey burgers tend to exist in the same realm as veggie burgers, in that they're generally regarded as poor substitutes for actual hamburgers. But just like some restaurants serve surprisingly great veggie burgers, there are plenty of restaurants that have managed to create turkey burgers that are delicious in their own right, and we've tracked down eight.

These 8 Restaurants Make Turkey Burgers You'll Actually Want to Eat (Slideshow)

Nowadays, we tend to call any patty-shaped food that's intended to be eaten on a bun a burger, but that's not always fair to the patty. The word "burger" conjures images of a glistening puck of perfectly-seared ground beef, dripping with grease and artery-clogging goodness, and slapping the word "turkey" or "veggie" in front of it just sets it up for failure. Turkey has a completely different flavor and texture than beef, so there's really no comparison between the two. It's safe to say that even the very best turkey burger won't be quite as soul-satisfying as a great hamburger. But it can come pretty close.

In order to find these great turkey burgers, we started by consulting existing rankings as well as online reviews from both professional and amateur writers. These turkey burgers all have something special about them; you can't just grind up turkey, form it into a patty, cook it, and call it a turkey burger as you would beef, because you'd wind up with a dry and flavorless cardboard puck. Formulating a truly delicious turkey burger involves adding in some fat and flavor, and requires a chef's touch.

So read on to learn about eight of America's tastiest turkey burgers. And remember that a turkey burger is its own dish, completely different from a traditional hamburger. It may not give you that fatty, beefy buzz, but it can still be delicious when prepared properly.