5 Napkin Burger

2315 Broadway
New York NY 10024
(212) 333-4488
Reservation OpenTable.com
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Foursquare Tips
Behrad B.
Get the biggest: the Original 5 Napkin Burger - 10 oz. fresh ground beef, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions & rosemary aioli on a soft white roll. Don't forget to add bacon. Medium rare as always!
Jacqueline Choi
Their 10 - 12 midnight happy hour rocks. $2 sliders/tuna rolls/salmon rolls = awesome deal :)
Capital Spice
Try the homemade tater tots - quick fried with mashed potato filling!
Eric Parsons
dark and stormy float is good. lots or raisins in the icecream tho
Thomas Holaday
They honor their 22:00 - midnight Happy Hour to the last minute. Nice when you're hungry at 23:54.
Kerry Cheeseboro
Comte cheese and caramelized onions make for a perfect burger topping!
New York Habitat
There are three locations, each of which have a great atmosphere. Get the original burger which comes with carmelized onions and gruyere cheese and a side of the savory tuscan fries.
Howard Freeman
The fish tacos are out of this world. Good nonalcoholic beer for us lushes.
Diego Zambrano
Lamb burger, 5 napkin burger, original burger and shakes.
Brian Morrissey
pricey but a solid burger for the culinary wasteland that is the UWS.
Stacye Mayer
Best tater tots around!
Bill Cool
Think this place is good? Try McDonalds down the road. How a burger can be hard and tasteless and still red on the inside is beyond me. 5N sauce is mayo and food color.
Rob Mintzes
Always awesome burgers!
Douglas Heddings
Not just for beef lovers...the fish tacos are stellar but small portion so you need a side...the Tuscan fries do rock but I prefer the steamed broccoli
Mommy Shorts
5-6pm is stroller hour— you'll feel more out of place without a kid than with one.
Cassel Kroll
Sadly did not live up to the original. If you are craving a good "five napkin burger," ditch this place and go to Nice Matin.
Magnolia Y
Got the Burger for 2 & regular fries with my honey. It was our first time & we loved it!!! We then took a walk to our favorite dessert place on 83rd, Cafe Lalo, for some tiramisu. Yummy night!
Take a look up when seated and marvel at the MEAT hooks. Then treat yourself to either the Original 5N burger or the Bacon Cheddar burger and pair it with the Tuscan fries. Be warned-THE MEAT IS HUGE!
Mimi Imfurst
Always satisfying!!
Greg Wong
If u order a burger, ask to swap out the regular fries for the Tuscan fries. They are thicker and have great parmesean seasoning.
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