LA's 'Pizza Experience' Is a Pizza Lover's Dream Museum

A slice of heaven

The Daily Meal visited The Pizza Experience, an immersive multi-sensory pop-up museum in Los Angeles that's entirely pizza-themed. 

If you’ve ever dreamed of a world centered around pizza — and let’s face it, who hasn’t? — then you need to stop by a new museum in Los Angeles. The Pizza Experience is an immersive multi-sensory pop-up where everything is about pizza. Made by pizza lovers for, well, other pizza lovers, it’s a pizza-pie fantasy with rooms decorated in cheese and pepperoni wallpaper, interactive scratch-and-sniff pizza art, and even free pizza!

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The Pizza Experience takes you through a secret entrance in a pizza shop and brings you to a slice-themed nightclub where you can spin and scratch pizza records or dance to the sure-to-be stuck in your head pizza anthem. Once you’ve danced all you can, go to a pizza fitness center that’s plastered with funny motivational sayings such as, “I’m into fitness, fitness whole pizza in my mouth.” If you’ve worked up an appetite lifting pizza pie dumbbells, head to the pizza dough room where you can roll out your muscles, roll out some dough, or even roll yourself on a person-size dough blob.

The Pizza Experience

The Pizza Fitness Center

There are recreations of famous works of art featuring pizza as the centerpiece, statues and information about regional pizzas from across the world, a Munchies room for your inner pizza-loving stoner, and even a pizza box castle presented by Round Table Pizza, where you can be knighted by a breadstick and enjoy a slice of the good stuff.

The Pizza Experience

The Pizza Box Castle

The Daily Meal’s favorite room was the pizza apartment, where guests can dress up in pizza clothing, sleep in a pizza bed, or get into a pizza-themed shower! Avoiding gluten? The Pizza Experience also has a room dedicated to cauliflower crust thanks to sponsor Caulipower.

The pop-up will be open until January of 2019 before moving on to Chicago — arguably the pizza capital of America. Want to have your own pizza experience but can’t make it to LA or the Midwest? Check out the best deep-dish pizza outside of Chicago.