New Starburst Duos Jelly Beans Offer Double the Flavor Fun

Easter treats for those who don’t want to commit to just one flavor

Your favorite Easter jelly bean has received a major upgrade. Ahead of the 2019 holiday season, Starburst is rolling out new Starburst Jelly Beans Duos, featuring two flavors in each bean. No need to mix together a blueberry bean and a strawberry bean for a funky combination — these candies do the hard work for you.

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We’re seeing the double-flavored beans online via Target, Amazon and other stores. Instagram user @candyhunting reports finding them in person at CVS, Target and Walmart.

You may have already seen Starburst Duos in regular square Starburst candy form. The candy brand trumpeted them on its Instagram account this Valentine’s Day, joking that the treats were like “those couples who are so close they become one.”

But those candies had only two half-and-half varieties. Some were half strawberry-half watermelon and some were half blueberry-half lemonade. The jellybean mixes go well beyond that, with fancifully named flavors including grape-ade, tropical cherry splash, razzin’ watermelon, strappleberry, peach-a-palooza and banana berry blast.


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