SkinnyPop's New Gingerbread Cookie Popcorn Is An Early Christmas Gift

Winter holidays are within reach, and so are the platefuls of gluttonous desserts that come with them. Those looking for festive flavors without the extra calories can satisfy their sweet tooth SkinnyPop this season. The better-for-you snack brand just released two brand new bags of popcorn, and we got to try them firsthand.

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In addition to SkinnyPop's seven core flavors (original, sweet and salty kettle, real butter, white cheddar, sea salt and pepper and aged white cheddar), customers now have access to limited-time-only gingerbread cookie and white chocolate peppermint varieties. We thought they were both interesting to say the least.

White Chocolate Peppermint

We thought this one tasted like several different things, none of which were a satisfying slab of Christmastime-favorite white chocolate peppermint bark. Taste testers were surprised to find that it tasted and smelled like the marshmallows in Lucky Charms. One editor even said it was a spot-on imitation of a candle from Bath and Body Works — but she kept eating it anyway.

"While it weirded me out, I kind of liked it?" she admitted. Others didn't agree. They described the mouthfeel as a thick coating of mint toothpaste.

Gingerbread Cookie

This was 100 percent the tastier flavor of the two. Daily Meal staffers poetically described it as "fine," and "good!" While we don't think we could eat an entire bag of either (which is probably for the best), the gingerbread popcorn tasted and smelled strikingly similar to the cookie. We typically choose savory snacks over sweet ones, but if the vibe was right we could totally see ourselves sneaking on our tip toes to the kitchen for some midnight snack action. This flavor truly embodies the spirit of Christmas.

Both new limited edition SkinnyPop flavors are now available in stores across the nation. While they aren't as low-calorie as the original (39 calories per cup), they have only 70 calories per cup, and that's way less than a regular gingerbread man — even if you remove his gumdrop buttons. Don't leave it out for Santa though. He'll probably know the difference.

As much as we believe in healthy eating and making better-for-you choices, we also believe in the power of baggy sweaters and stretchy pants. Plus, dieting before the holidays is actually a really bad idea for a lot of reasons. If you want a real cookie, eat one! We trialed the top store-bought cookies, and this was the very best one.