Why Shellfish Should Be The Star Of Every Brunch

When you go to brunch, there are a few staples you're going to expect. Eggs, of course, are a must-have at any breakfast-inspired meal. Brunch also has some staple dishes like French toast, avocado toast and hash browns. But you know what helps to elevate any brunch to the next level and pairs shockingly well with bacon and eggs? Shellfish. And this unexpected food group should be the star of any brunch.

The Best Brunches in America

How did I learn about the glory of a shellfish-starring brunch? I recently had the opportunity to dine at one of the best all-you-can-eat brunch buffets in America, Nero's Italian Steakhouse at Caesars Atlantic City, and it totally changed my perspective on what a bottomless brunch could be. Not only was my mimosa constantly topped off until it was straight-up Champagne, but in addition to classic brunch offerings like eggs Benedict, bacon and waffles, there was a true star in the room: shellfish.

Yes, next to the meat carving station and across the way from the make-your-own omelet station, there was a display of every kind of shellfish you could ever imagine. Alaskan crab legs, oysters and massive shrimp were served on ice (next to a selection of sushi and caviar).

Picture this: You're sitting in front of a massive window with a view of the Atlantic Ocean while sipping on some bubbly and cracking open fresh crab legs and shooting oysters. If brunch is all about decadence — and honestly it is — then it doesn't get much more luxurious than that.

While not every brunch is as lavish as Nero's, I highly recommend seeking out this or any other shellfish-starring brunch option. A normal eggs Benedict is nothing compared to a lobster or crab cake eggs Benedict, and that order makes you a much more interesting diner. Heck, even a classic shrimp and grits will do for a great shellfish-starring brunch. So go ahead, expand your horizons and order some shellfish the next time you're at brunch. Need a good spot? We recommend these highly extravagant brunches.

The meal that was the subject of this article was provided at no cost to the writer.