Sabra Just Released On-the-Go Avocado Toasts

The peak millennial product?
sabra avocado toasts

If there’s one thing associated with millennials, it’s avocado toast. Those millennials love a creamy smashed avocado on top of bread. They also can’t identify butter knives and crave convenience. Probably not coincidentally, hummus brand Sabra has created on-the-go avocado toasts for convenient brunching.

The Best Brunch In Every State

Sabra’s 190-calorie Breakfast Avocado Toast is made with Hass avocados, salt, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, and acids to maintain freshness, while the crispy toasts are whole-grain little bites of delight. The little pack is DIY in that you make the avocado toast yourself, by dunking your bread into the spread — although we suppose you could go grab a knife, but that sounds like a lot of effort.

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The best part is that this snack will only cost you about $3, which is about $7 less than what an avocado toast would cost you at any popular brunch spot. Plus, they’re available at 7-Eleven, Target, Walgreens, Kroger stores, and more. Which means you can transform wherever you are — be it your house, your car or your office — into the best place for breakfast in your state.