Avocado Proposals Are the Latest Engagement Trend

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Would you say yes to forever with your significant other if they proposed to you with a ring embedded in an avocado?

Some people are waiting until peak ripeness to get down on one knee and propose to their sweetheart with a glittering stone studded in an avocado, and it’s all over Instagram. 

Today reports that the trend took off when the Instagram account Fooddeco posted a photo of the “avo box” — an avocado with the seed removed and a diamond ring in its place — one month ago with the caption “Tag someone who should propose like this.”

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Although we can’t think of anyone who should propose like this, it appears at least two people already had. Over a year ago, yogi and lifestyle Instagrammer Taylor Selby posted a photo of her fiancé proposing to her with a (slightly over-ripe) avocado housing a glorious-looking diamond ring.

Even before Selby’s post, photographer Kim Tyler captured a candid moment on a Connecticut beach that appears to show the aftermath of an avocado-assisted surprise proposal.

Regardless of the idea’s origin, the trend has now taken social media by storm. Naturally, millennials are at its helm, making the idea trend on both Instagram and Twitter.

We guess an engagement ring box is another one of the new ways to use an avocado.