25 Candies From Your Childhood You Didn't Know Still Exist

Unless you grew up under a rock, getting to the checkout lane at the grocery store was the highlight of every shopping trip. Not because you loved moving bananas from your grocery cart to the belt, but because the checkout lane is where the candy was. No matter your age, you spent the final minutes of every shopping trip begging your mom or dad for a chocolate bar or a bag of fruity, tangy candies. And maybe you haven't seen some of those candies in a long time.

25 Candies From Your Childhood You Didn't Know Still Exist Gallery

Indeed, few things define a childhood more than eating mountains and mountains of candy, but the candies that define a childhood have changed over time. Long gone are the days when penny candy and wax bottles dominated candy shops and convenience stores. Today, candy aisles are dominated by a few big-name brands like Reese's, Skittles and M&M's, leaving retro candies like Sugar Babies, Sixlets, Abba Zaba and Razzles in the dust.

Wait a second! Can you even find Razzles and Abba Zaba anymore? Maybe you haven't seen these treats on store shelves in a long, long time, but many favorite retro candies are still in production. Even if they're not going strong, they are still going. What candies from your childhood still exist today? The answer may just surprise you.