Reese's Thins Peanut Butter-To-Chocolate Ratio Misses The Mark

In October, the Hershey Company announced it was working on a new Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Well, Reese's Thins are finally here, and they're 40 percent thinner than the original, which... sounds terrifying, because why would you mess with that perfect chocolate-to-peanut butter ratio?  

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Daily Meal staffers were able to taste-test the slim confection prior to its official launch, and while we never turn our noses up at chocolate, we think we'll stick with the OG cup.

Did Hershey's make these thinner so we would eat less? Was that the point? Not happening. Plot foiled. We could gladly kill a bag of these without hesitation; they are still Reese's, after all.

Reese's Thins are a fine enough choice, because the combination of chocolate and peanut butter is the closest thing to God we'll ever know, but what makes a regulation Reese's great is the fact that there's always more peanut butter than chocolate. That's simply not the case here. 

Reese's cut the size of their cup by cutting the best part: the peanut butter. And we missed it. If the chocolate coating was a little thinner, maintaining the iconic ratio in a standard cup, things could have worked out between us. But we're sorry, Thins, it's over. It's you, not us. We're taking the kids to our sister's. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the normal amount of peanut butter in a cup, Reese's Thins could very well be for you. And if, unlike us, you are able to ration your portions, Thins are just 56 calories each as opposed to the regular-sized cups, which are 110 calories each. So that's another win for dieters who still want that Reese's goodness in their lives.

They come individually wrapped in milk and dark chocolate flavors packed in a small bag for $2.49 or a shareable pack for $4.09. Fans can find them on store shelves nationwide starting in March 2019. Looks like we've all been given another reason to eat chocolate every day.