Pillsbury's Ready To Bake Cookie Dough, Brownies Are Now Safe To Eat Raw

Raw cookie dough is one of the most iconic childhood desserts (OK, maybe it's good for adults too). But it isn't always the safest thing in your kitchen. Flour, when not heat treated, and eggs, when not pasteurized, can cause E. coli and salmonella. But now, you can munch on your chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies whether they're cooked or uncooked, since Pillsbury's line of ready to bake cookie dough products are now safe to eat raw.

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Varieties that are now safe to eat raw include (but are not limited to): Ready to Bake! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough; Ready to Bake! Sugar Cookie Dough; Ready to Bake! Chocolate Chunk & Chip Cookie Dough; Ready to Bake! Reese's Peanut Butter Cookie Dough; Place & Bake Brownie Dough – Chocolate Fudge; Place & Bake Brownie Dough – Peanut Butter; and various limited-edition and seasonal cookie flavors. 

To make sure your cookies are OK to eat in any form, look for the "safe to eat raw" label; all Pillsbury cookie dough products will be transitioned to safe to eat raw formulas by the end of the summer.

Pillsbury will still use the exact same ingredients and recipes, so how are they now safe to eat raw? These treats are now made using heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs, making them food safe. You can heat-treat your flour at home too and make edible cookie dough from scratch. It's one of the best no-bake desserts around.

But if you like the fully-baked goods, we don't blame you. You can either bake some refrigerated Pillsbury dough or try your hand at some of our all-time best cookie recipes.