This Philadelphia Bistro is Topping its Eggs With a Surprising Sea Delicacy

Sea urchin completely transforms Vernick Food & Drink’s scrambled eggs

Adding this unexpected briney, orange sea creature to traditional scrambled eggs makes a world of difference.

The first time I ordered this dish, it was accidental. The second time? Completely intentional. 

The sea urchin, warm scrambled eggs dish from Vernick Food & Drink is probably the last thing I would have ever ordered on a menu — even as an otherwise very adventurous eater. The thought of combining a food that is already very smooth and custardy to runny eggs did not sound appealing to me and I was worried I would get an overdose of mush.

What I received in my white porcelain crock was so pleasant and surprising. The dish came out as three semi-distinct layers. Polenta-consistency scrambled eggs, simmered in shrimp butter, and supported with a delicately frothed layer of cream. Resting upon the cream was a generous dollop of the most briney, tangy, and custardy uni I have ever tasted.

With each deep dive of my spoon, I could taste distinct, yet harmonious flavors.  The briney tang of the uni cut the smooth cream and butter base of the first and second layers. The blended polenta-styled eggs added texture to what could have been a texture-less dish.  Raising the bar even further, each bite left a slight amount of heat on the back of my throat, which I surprisingly enjoyed.

In summary, I will never “accidentally” order this dish again.  Next time I’m in the neighborhood, I will without-a-doubt, order, and patiently wait (trying not to salivate), as Vernick Food & Drink prepares it once again.


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