The One Food That Guy Fieri Will Never Eat

Guy Fieri is one of the biggest names on food television these, days, largely due to the continued overwhelming success of his long-running show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Food Network. On the show, he travels across the country, hanging out with chefs in their restaurant kitchens and watching as they prepare some of their restaurants' signature dishes and chowing down on them once they're cooked.

The guy will try just about everything that's put in front of him, whether it's a pig ear sandwich or liver and onions (he's reported to not like organ meats, but he'll give them a taste), but if you watch carefully you'll notice that there's one food that he pushes to the side every time he sees it: Eggs.

Fieri has no problem with foods that have eggs incorporated into the recipe, like muffins, but if he's served a dish that has cooked eggs on it, like scrambled eggs with biscuits and gravy or a sunny side up egg on a burger, he'll make sure it doesn't go anywhere near his mouth. Watch closely the next time someone tries to serve him eggs, and you'll see for yourself.