Olive Garden's Nachos Are 1520 Calories Of Cheesy Greatness

Olive Garden has created its own nachos, with a twist. The Italian-style casual dining chain has released Italian-style nachos — called "Loaded Pasta Chips" — that are made with fried pasta noodles and quintessential Italian meat and sauce toppings instead of the usual tortilla chips and cheese. Olive Garden is calling it "the perfect Super Bowl party appetizer."

Loaded Pasta Chips begin with a base of lightly fried pasta chips topped with Italian cheeses, a meat sauce with chicken, meatballs, sausage, cherry peppers, and an Alfredo drizzle. The entire cheesy, meaty affair rings in at 1520 calories, with 910 calories from fat. However, the only numbers you should actually care about during the Super Bowl are on the scoreboard!

You can order the belly-busting dish for $7.49 in an Olive Garden restaurant or pick it up as takeout for a party snack. Olive Garden also shared how to make their "nachos" at home should you find yourself unable to take a minute away from decorating your apartment with Eagles or Pats colors and paraphernalia.

They advise you to: Stack lasagna noodle sheets on a cutting board. Cut each sheet into 3 equal pieces. Heat oil in a pan and gradually add chips to the oil, frying until crispy; transfer cooked chips to basket and allow the excess oil to drain. Gently toss cooked chips in garlic salt to coat. Add your favorite toppings!

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