Olive Garden Just Added These 'Grown-Up' Chicken Tenders To Its Menu

Olive Garden has always offered chicken tenders, but never like this. Keeping with its mission to put the "American" in "Italian-American" food, the chain has added spicy Alfredo chicken tenders to its menu, and the dish sounds like the grown-up version of your favorite childhood chicken and pasta orders.

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The lightly breaded and fried tenders are tossed in an Alfredo sauce made spicy with hot cherry peppers. When you were a kid, you probably dipped your chicken tenders in ketchup or ranch dressing. Olive Garden's new spicy Alfredo chicken tenders come with a side of the same Alfredo sauce used in the chain's pasta dishes, but this time it's for dipping or drizzling or doing whatever your adult-age heart desires — which probably means dunking a breadstick into it.

While some people might not have realized that Olive Garden — known primarily for its never-ending pasta dishes — served chicken tenders, others have known and are now delighting in the seemingly more dignified way of eating chicken tenders with dipping sauce.

"Ned: I've found the perfect place to go to where I can get chicken tenders, but be a fancy adult!" Twitter user Zaira wrote, quoting her dinner date.

One order of spicy Alfredo chicken is $7.99 and comes with six tenders. Even though it sounds like it's inspired by Olive Garden's pastas, we doubt that it will replace fettucine Alfredo as one of the most popular menu items at the chain restaurant.