NYPD Boycotts Dunkin' Donuts After Officers Refused Service

A Dunkin' Donuts employee is accused of refusing service to a pair of NYPD officers

America runs on Dunkin’, but the NYPD doesn't.

Two New York City police officers allege that they were denied service at a Brooklyn Dunkin’ Donuts by an employee with a bias against cops. The New York Post reports that Detectives’ Endowment Association president Michael Palladino is leading a boycott against the chain. Though admitting that this was most likely an isolated incident, Palladino said that the discrimination was “disgraceful and it should not go unattended.” Until Dunkin’ Donuts issues an official apology, Palladino has asked detectives and their families to “refrain from patronizing [its] stores.” 

Law-enforcement sources told the Post that the two officers, who were assigned to the 73rd Precinct’s detective squad, entered the 1993 Atlantic Avenue store mid-afternoon July 30 for Baskin-Robbins ice cream (Dunkin' and BR share corporate ownership and often co-brand stores). After waiting in line, the cops approached the counter but were ignored by a clerk who asked a man behind them for his order instead.

The man gave his order, but added, “These two guys were in front of me.”

“Yeah, I know, but I don’t serve cops,” the clerk replied.

The store manager defended the employee, telling The Post, “These two men in shirts and ties — who I later found out were police — must have never come to this Dunkin’ Donuts before, because instead of waiting in the line where you order, they waited at the counter where you pick up your order.”

He continued, “You can see on the security tape: they stand here for five minutes, while other customers were being served. One customer even ordered ice cream, and they must’ve not liked that because they left the store.”

The manager wouldn’t let the Post see the footage.

“We serve everyone, we have nothing but respect for the police, and they were standing at the wrong counter. It was a busy time, and we were busy serving customers,” he added.

The Daily Meal has reached out to Dunkin’ Brands for comment.


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