New York's Queen Of The Night Brings The Heat With A New Summer Menu

Let me start by saying this: going to Queen of the Night for the food is kind of like going to Disneyland for the drinks. It's a bit of an afterthought — eating is something you do while you're there so that you can remain immersed in the action around you. 

In case you haven't heard, Queen of the Night, which has been seducing dinner theater attendees at Midtown's Paramount Hotel since New Year's Eve 2013, exists somewhere in the matrix of Cirque Du Soleil and Sleep No More, combining interactive experience aimed at mature audiences with a Circle in the Square-type theatrical performance.

Last week, chef de cuisine Greg Lingaya (formerly of Le Cirque) and director of food performance Jennifer Rubell unveiled a new summer menu of salmon Wellington, massive racks of lamb, and black truffle popovers served in lavish, family-style portions.

But right after we finally got a hunk of the lamb, we were approached by a waiter who asked us if we were feeling adventurous. While choking on a peppercorn from the sauce that covered my first – and only — bite of lamb, I nodded, and my boyfriend and I were whisked away into a separate room for some private entertainment...

By the time we got back, most of the food was gone — not only from our table, but from everyone else's (if you are able to make it through the dinner, you're encouraged to circulate to other tables and taste everyone's food). I did manage to nibble on a very flavorful piece of kale as we awaited the beginning of the second act.

I'd love to fill you in on other fun details, like how the table gets cleared and how you obtain your dessert (hint: you don't have to lift a finger) but, alas, I've been sworn to secrecy by the queen.

One thing is for sure: the food, while good, will be one of the last things on your mind, and you're in for a lot of "firsts."