New York’s French Cheese Board Boutique, Opening May 19, Celebrates the Wonders of French Cheese

This SoHo shop will be completely devoted to French cheese

Don't know much about cheeses like Pont L'èvêque? No problem: This boutique has all the info you'll ever need to buy your cheese with confidence.

The concept of cheese has never been as fascinating, cool, or trendy as it is now (at least in our country), thanks to the French Cheese Board, which will be opening its first concept store for cheese in the U.S. this month. After attending a pre-launch event that Aziz Ansari also casually attended, I was 100 percent sold on the need for a store completely dedicated to fromage.

The unique store is described in a release as one that ”transforms the idea of a mere boutique into an interactive experience to discover cheese culture through an intuitive tool box: magnetic walls to easily change the display, bespoke furniture, educative murals to learn all about French cheeses and many more innovative features.” Not to mention there are framed cheese-sculpture masterpieces that decorate the walls and fresh, bright flowers through out the store.

Many might think of a cheese store and picture a dingy, smelly, quick pit-stop on your to-do list. In and out. This isn't the case with this flagship location established in hip SoHo. According to Laurent Damiens, the head of communications for the French Cheese Board, “We wanted to create a modern hub for foodies to share an immersive experience anchored in the exploration of the artisanal making and flavor of French cheeses." More than just a cheese outpost, it also serves as a “customizable venue for creative moments in cuisine, art, lifestyle, education, and more." It's basically the Kanye West of the cheese shop world.

The interior is sleek, clean, and inventive. This boutique takes cheese to new heights — one that mixes "culinary arts with contemporary art installations, meshing lifestyle, art, cheese and more,” states it's website. The French Cheese Board continues attesting that it, “put[s] art and design at the forefront of modernity, development, and innovation.” Whether you're looking to sample and buy cheeses from the French Cheese Board's wide variety of cheeses, which rotate monthly; or simply a lover of cheese, wanting to learn more about French cheeses, how to eat them, or how to cook with specific types, the French Cheese Board has what you need.

The French Cheese Board officially opens its doors to the pubic May 19.

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