The New Menu at This Astoria Sports Bar Is a Real ‘Katch’

A new chef and a sprawling, double-sided menu have landed at Katch Brewery & Grill

Executive chef Andrew Weisel’s warm Brussels sprout and kale salad.

Until now, the Astoria bar Katch Brewery & Grill hasn’t been known for its cuisine, but executive chef Andrew Weisel has hopped aboard to change that.  

Based on what I tried, it seems like he’s done a great job of developing delicious dishes that pack some serious flavor.

Here were my five biggest takeaways after hunkering down for dinner at their outdoor patio:

  1. The PB&J wings are, in fact, delicious.
  2. The warm Brussels sprout and kale salad is the solution to any finicky eater’s refusal to eat their greens.
  3. The art of the traditional baked clam—lots of breadcrumbs and herbs—is not dead (I’m looking at you, Delmonico’s Kitchen).
  4. You can make an amazing sorbet just by freezing a peach and whipping the inside around a bit (OK, it’s probably more complex than that, but that’s what the chef told me).
  5. If you are a sober individual, do not order the kombucha.

My guest thoroughly enjoyed a cocktail called Marisa’s Thing Thing, made with Purity Vodka that had been infused overnight with real pineapple and served martini-style.


With fifty beers on tap and menu items like Lagunitas fish and chips and beef sliders topped with mac and cheese to choose from, you’ll probably need to make a couple of return trips to cover all your bases.