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The Most Romantic Restaurant in Every State

White tablecloths, dim lighting, great views, and a whole lot of romance

A romantic dinner isn’t just a meal, it’s an experience. It’s about setting a mood, whether it’s for a date, an anniversary, or just a night away from the kids. And we’ve tracked down the most romantic restaurant in every state as well as Washington, D.C.

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It can be tough to pin down the specific particulars of a romantic restaurant, because we tend to just know it when we see it. But on our quest to find the absolute top restaurant for romance in every state, there were a few benchmarks that we kept in mind: The tables had to be well-spaced, out of earshot of the table next-door. The lighting had to be dim (and preferably provided primarily by candlelight). The tables ideally were draped in white tablecloths. The restaurant couldn’t be loud and boisterous, overwhelmed by large groups or children. Service had to be professional and discreet. While few restaurants require jackets, these all needed to be restaurants worthy of dressing to the nines for. The décor had to be elegant and unobtrusive, and the views from a windowside perch should be sweeping. And as for the food, a bit of French influence certainly didn’t hurt, but as long as it was upscale and well-prepared (preferably with a nice wine list and dessert selection), it worked for us.

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The folks behind these restaurants have worked hard to make sure that they’ve set the stage for a romantic evening, and while not all of them check off every box on our list, a surprising number of them do. So the next time you have something worth celebrating with your significant other (or are just looking to make date night extra special), we suggest you seek out one of these restaurants. We assure you that your money will be well spent.