The Most Overrated Foods On Earth

It's a fact of life: Some things are grossly overrated. They're usually very subjective, but things like Starbucks, camping, status symbols, Twilight, Times Square, New Years' Eve, a bunch of bands and celebrities, and a whole lot of TV shows and books come to mind as some of the more egregious examples. In the world of food, where taste is highly subjective and you can't know for sure whether or not something is worthwhile until you eat it yourself, there's plenty of room for things to get overrated. Here are five of the most overrated foods in existence.

This hybrid croissant/ doughnut from renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel has been drawing lines around the block for years. It's tasty, but it's insane to think that this (or any food item) is worth waiting on line for hours for.

Cupcakes are just a small cake with an inordinate amount of sweet and gloopy frosting on top. They've attained some sort of cult status, and while most of them taste pretty good, there's absolutely nothing about them that's worth freaking out about.

Yes, leafy greens are healthy. Kale is a leafy green, so it's healthy. That's the only appeal of kale. Kale appears on nearly every single restaurant menu today because of all the hype surrounding it, and because of the fact that people flock to it like sheep. It doesn't taste that great. In fact, it's incredibly boring.

The next time you're served lobster, take a bite of it completely plain — no butter, no salt, nothing. Not only is lobster incredibly expensive, it also little to no inherent flavor. That's why we have to drown it in butter!

Ever try to eat a pancake without butter and syrup? It tastes like nothing. Pancakes are extremely filling carb-bombs that require minimal skill to make and leave you with nothing but a half-eaten plate of food and a stomachache.