'Monster Cloud' Cotton Candy Tea Is Almost Too Cute To Drink

Boba chain Snow Monster's smallest branch, Mini Monster, is a rising star in the Instagram milk tea/boba world for its inventive, adorable, and oh-so-photographable "Monster Cloud" cotton candy tea. Although it's no cheese-topped tea drink, Snow Monster's iconic lightbulb-shaped glasses topped with the fluffy stuff have been dominating Instagram's popular page since their release.

The "Monster Cloud" is actually a milk tea beverage of your choice — Snow Monster serves Thai tea, almond milk Thai tea, jasmine milk tea, matcha milk latte, or strawberry matcha milk latte — served in one of Snow Monster's signature lightbulb glasses with tapioca pearls. Cotton candy is then spun around the neck of the bottle to make the "cloud."

The fluffy confection comes in either "rainbow" or "fire" flavors. The "rainbow" is topped with Fruity Pebbles cereal and the "fire" is peppered with spicy tajin seasoning.

While the beverage is reportedly delicious, it's also positively adorable. Be sure to snap a pic before you dive in! It could be one of your Instagram photos that are actually good.