Steve's Snappin' Dogs

Leilani Lim-Villegas (Instagram @leilatinasian_atx)

Meet the Dallas Dog: A Taste of Texas in Denver

Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs serves perfect homemade chili

Welcome to Mile High City! Home of the Super Bowl 50 champions and better known as Denver, Colorado. Voted best hot dogs six years in a row, Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs has become a culinary institution topping lists on social media sites like Pinterest and Spoon University as one of the best Denver food experiences. As an Austin native, I just had to find out what the hype was all about.


It’s a casual diner with bar seating. Every inch of the walls is covered with colorful art and a mural of awards with fascinating displays of the restaurant’s history. There’s even an oversized figure of Homer Simpson with a hot dog in each hand.


The Dallas Dog is a busy dish with a hefty serving of Cheddar-Jack cheese, a swipe of yellow mustard, a topping of fresh red onions, and a scoop of Steve’s award-winning chili con carne. Armed with a palate trained by judging Texas chili festivals, I must admit that the seasoning and texture of Steve’s chili was on point. The superstar hot dogs consist of a natural casing with a smoky and juicy blend of beef and pork that produces that musically delicious “snap” as you bite into it. Explore new tastes with deep-fried green beans and carrot sticks sautéed with a subtle hint of salt and pepper.


The frozen hot chocolate is a delectable milkshake topped with thick whipped cream and a Hershey’s nugget. Chef Smiley offered me a sample of Steve’s Snappin’ Ale, the home craft beer proudly served on tap. Another best seller is the Mex-Si Dog, a bacon-wrapped and deep-fried hot dog served with lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños, sour cream, mayo, fresh salsa, and Cheddar-Jack cheese. This hotspot provides perfectly affordable meals for the low, low, price of $5. Imagine that.


Steve’s Snapping Dogs serves at two locations: The flagship store is two miles east of the Colorado State Capitol, and one is inside the Denver International Airport. I’m getting my doggie bag to take some home before flying back to Austin. Dinner is served. I can just buckle up, sit back, and enjoy my flight.


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