McDonald's Is Testing 'Vegetarnuggets' In Norway

With the increasing popularity of faux meats like the Impossible Burger, more brands are adding plant-based options to their portfolios. McDonald's currently offers a vegan burger in parts of Europe — but now instead of beef, the chain is coming for chicken.

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Vegan chicken-less nuggets — oddly dubbed "Vegetarnuggets" — are now being tested at select restaurants in Norway. Instead of meat, the filling is a potato base mixed with carrots, chickpeas, corn and onions. The finger food is coated in breadcrumbs, deep-fried and then sold in orders of four or nine. Although the ingredients sound pretty great, some think they look unappealing.

"I'd be willing to try it but it looks like it smells like hospital food," @the.spooky.wife said on Instagram.

"The texture is disturbing," @junkfoodcanada said, to which @food_oddity replied, "Yeah, it looks like it's covered in crisped rice. Except, it's not."

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Over on Twitter it's safe to say people are hyped, but many aren't living in Norway and are wondering if the U.S. will ever get a similar option.


"McDonalds in Norway has vegan nuggets... so I'm moving now. I'm honestly over all this nonsense happening in the states anyway," @JustYaBasicBoy said.


Last fall, the Golden Arches did release a veggie burger exclusive to the restaurant inside the company's new global headquarters in Chicago. For a limited time only, the rotating international menu featured the McAloo Tikki from India. The patty was made from potatoes, peas and samosa seasoning topped with onion, tomato and an eggless creamy tomato mayo. Although the trend of veganism is steadily growing across the nation, the McAloo Tikki did not roll out to any additional U.S. outposts.

The other side of the world has options, though. Sweden has the McFalafel and the U.K. has vegan Happy Meals. Britain also has the Spicy Veggie, a wrap with fried vegetable tenders (peas, rice, sun-dried tomato pesto, red peppers and breadcrumbs), spicy tomato relish, tomato, lettuce and onion. There's a kids' version too, but it doesn't feature anything spicy. But once again, American vegans who want a fast food fix are left wanting. According to McD's website, they can customize salads but even those are certifiably vegetarian. Long story short: If you want a proper animal product-free meal in the U-S-of-A, get your grub on at one of America's best vegan restaurants.