McDonald's Tops Wendy's And Burger King In New Fast Food Survey

The Golden Arches are still golden. In a survey of more than 2,000 fast food diners, McDonald's came out on top by a wide margin in several different categories, including value and speed of service. Wendy's came in second, with Burger King claiming third place.

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UBS Evidence Lab surveyed 2,029 adults who visit fast-casual restaurants at least monthly, Yahoo! Finance reports. UBS did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

McDonald's beat out its competitors in numerous areas, but as expected in the world of fast food, price matters. The most commonly cited reasons for choosing McDonald's are good value and promotions, and those, too, are the only things that diners say would make them visit more often. UBS analyst Dennis Geiger told Yahoo! Finance that McDonald's dollar menu and national deals such as a two-for-$5 mix-and-match offering were especially appealing to diners.

After good value and promotions, respondents cited improved food, new food items and convenient locations as factors in McDonald's favor. Diners weren't as enthused by such factors as new beverage options and the cleanliness and atmosphere of the restaurants.

After Wendy's in second and Burger King in third, Subway was ranked fourth, Taco Bell fifth, and KFC sixth by survey respondents.

This isn't the only recent survey in which McDonald's has scored high. Late last year, the safe-driving app Drivemode found it to be the most popular fast food driving destination in the U.S. And in The Daily Meal's own recent best coffee in America survey, McDonald's easily claimed the title of best fast food hot coffee. You may already know about Mickey D's popularity and its java jolts, but here are 25 things you didn't know about your favorite fast-food chains.