McDonald's Is Testing Blueberry McGriddles Breakfast Sandwiches In DC

One of McDonald's most popular breakfast items is about to get a whole lot sweeter. At over 100 locations in Washington, D.C., the fast food chain will be testing Blueberry McGriddles breakfast sandwiches for a limited time. Like the original McGriddles, Blueberry McGriddles will be available in three variations: sausage; sausage, egg and cheese; and bacon, egg and cheese.

McDonald's Menu Items You'll Never See Again

This will be McDonald's first new breakfast sandwich option since they introduced McGriddles in 2003. They came up with the idea in response to customer feedback requesting "a more craveable breakfast option on the go," according to a press release. The Blueberry McGriddles sandwich promises to satisfy both sweet and savory food cravings. And honestly, they have almost every component of a classic breakfast combo. All these stacks are missing is a generous pour of maple syrup.

You'll have to travel to the nation's capital to try it yourself. But Carol Martino, culinary innovation spokesperson for McDonald's USA, promises that it's "everything you love about breakfast in one sandwich." The sandwiches gave her nostalgia for her own mother's homemade blueberry pancakes.

Blueberry McGriddles are still being tested, so it's unclear when and whether they will roll out nationwide. Most of America will have to wait and see whether it will become the best breakfast option in their state.