Waffle fries

McDonald’s Sees Wild Success With Waffle Fries in Asia

The hashtag-shaped fries were available for a limited time in Singapore
Waffle fries

McDonald’s locations in Singapore quickly sold out of a limited supply of waffle fries.

McDonald’s recently brought back their waffle fries at their Singapore locations. After the fast food chain’s success in Canada last year with waffle fries on their “Seasonal Cravings” menu, the brand made them available once again, this time in Singapore — for Singapore’s National Day and in conjunction with the 2017 Singapore Food Festival. Unfortunately, they sold out island-wide in less than two weeks. 

The fries were sold alongside the Nasi Lemak Burger, a coconut-flavored chicken patty topped with a fried egg, caramelized onions, and cucumber slices — a mouthwatering option that sold out just as quickly.

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McDonald’s also sold out of their limited-time offer Chendol McFlurry, which is vanilla soft serve swirled with chendol (green rice flour) jelly bits and gula melaka (palm sugar) sauce; a coconut pie with nata de coco bits; three types of chendol ice cream cones (Chendol Melaka Cone, Chendol Melaka Twist, and Chendol Melaka Chococone); and a kueh salat cake, a pandan sponge cake with a glutinous rice layer.

The fast food chain announced that starting Wednesday it would be launching two other limited-edition items, one called the Eggcellent McSpicy, a twist on their original McSpicy and another flavor of their Dinosaur McFlurry.


There is no word on when or if waffle fries will come to the U.S., but we hope it’s soon. In the meantime, we’ll just keep looking at photos of these fries, that burger, and Singapore McDonald’s millennial-pink soft serve.