Mars Is Hiring A Candy Connoisseur Intern In Chicago

The perfect position for those of us with a sweet tooth and a discerning palate has just opened up in Chicago. Mars Wrigley Confectionery, the candy company that makes M&Ms, Skittles, Snickers, Twix, and more, is looking for a confectionery connoisseur intern.

Mars is describing the position as a "mutually rewarding experience," and we would have to agree. This Chicago office intern will get to sample chocolate, gum, and "confections" from around the world, including flavors that aren't yet available to the public. Mars asks that any candidate also have a strong interest in "treating yourself," as the lucky intern will get to produce a personalized batch of chewing gum, and taste and develop an appreciation for all of the company's products — by eating them.

Of course, the intern will have to do actual work, such as develop multimedia assets and visual fact sheets, as well as "infuse flavor fun" into social media strategy content development. But if they can handle that, plus meet the minimum qualifications of being a high school grad 21 years or older with experience in journalism and photo and video editing and production skills, and live in or be willing to relocate to Chicago, then they will be considered for the fully paid internship opportunity — with a signing bonus of a year's worth of candy!

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