Maille Mustard Unveils First U.S. Boutique In New York City

Hey you, put down the French's! America's first-ever Dijon mustard boutique just landed on the Upper West Side, and the mustards are on tap and ready for sampling.

The Maille Mustard Boutique in New York offers over 20 mustard varieties that have never before been available in the United States, and they've even got a Maille Mustard sommelier to help walk you through their extensive collection. Didn't realize mustard was so serious? It is. So don't Poupon it.

Here are four things you need to know before entering the boutique:

1. The custom-designed Mustard Bar offers complimentary samples daily to encourage "experimentation and discovery." So come curious, and with enough street hot dogs to run the gamut. 

2. The Mustard on Tap is served from an authentic French ceramic pump and filled to order in reusable stoneware jars. Feel free to use those words verbatim as you muse over the craftsmanship with your friends and gnaw on the temple tip of your eyeglasses.

3. It's probably best to refrain from sticking your mouth under the tap, though you'll be tempted; unusual flavors include white wine, Parmesan, basil, Dijon blackcurrant liqueur, fig and coriander, and black truffle.

4. Remember this name: Pierette Huttner. The mustard sommelier will be based at the NYC flagship boutique, assisting customers (much like a wine sommelier) in discovering the varieties that best suit their tastes, as well as suggesting food pairings to complement the different flavors.