Love Pickles? You'll Love These Pickle-Flavored Snacks

If you’re a fan of tangy dill pickles, these snacks are definitely worth seeking out

Love Pickles? You'll Love These Pickle-Flavored Snacks

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Do you love dill pickles? Those crispy, crunchy pickled cucumbers bursting with briny goodness are just about impossible to dislike. If you’re a pickle lover, there are some pickle-flavored snacks on the market that you should definitely try.

Bob’s Pickle Pops

Bob’s Pickle Pops are essentially just frozen pickle brine with a little bit of green food coloring. They once contained actual pickle chunks, but those have been removed, and today they’re marketed as an electrolyte-heavy sports drink as well as a snack, to be enjoyed either frozen or unfrozen. 

Deep River New York Spicy Dill Pickle Chips

These potato chips are made with real vinegar as well as dehydrated onion and garlic and dill extract. 

Dill Pickle Kracker Nuts

These “Kracker Nuts” are roasted peanuts coated with a pickle-flavored shell. They’re flavored with vinegar powder, “spices,” and onion and garlic. You can order them on Amazon

Lay’s Dill Pickle

Even Lay’s sells dill pickle-flavored chips, so I guess that means that the flavor has officially entered the mainstream. They’re flavored with vinegar, garlic powder, yeast extract, and spices including dill. 

Lesser Evil Dill Pickle Chia Crisps

These gluten-free crisps are made with black bean powder, rice flour, and chia seeds. Their pickle flavoring comes from vinegar, onion powder, garlic powder, and dill weed. 

McClure’s Garlic Dill and Spicy Pickle Potato Chips

McClure’s is best known for their artisanal pickles, so it’s no wonder that their pickle-flavored potato chips are also mighty tasty. These crinkle-cut chips come in two varieties: garlic dill and spicy pickle. They’re actually made with citric acid and sodium diacetate instead of vinegar, and while the former are flavored with garlic and dill (naturally), the latter are made with bell pepper, chipotle powder, and straight oleoresin capsicum, also known as hot pepper oil. They pack a punch!

Pringles Xtra Screamin’ Dill Pickle

Pringles has been working hard to launch some “extreme” flavors recently, and their dill pickle variety is definitely that. These are made with sodium diacetate (acidic sodium, essentially), lactose for a creaminess factor, citric acid, dill, garlic and onion powders, mustard extract, and “dill pickle spice extract.”

BIGS Vlasic Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds

BIGS makes some wacky-flavored sunflower seeds, like Old Bay seasoned and bacon-flavored varieties, and they’ve partnered with companies like Frank’s Red Hot, Hidden Valley Ranch, and Stubb’s BBQ. Another exciting partnership is Vlasic, one of the top pickle producers. These sunflower seeds are made with real Vlasic kosher dill pickle brine. 

The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Savory Dill Pickle Nuts

The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg is an upscale nut and snack store, and their seasoned peanut flavors include bacon-Cheddar, habanero, and spicy mole. They’re obviously not afraid to experiment, so they’ve also rolled out dill pickle flavored peanuts, seasoned with vinegar, garlic, parsley, and other natural flavors. 

Trader Joe’s Popcorn in a Pickle

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We’re a little surprised that nobody made pickle-flavored popcorn before Trader Joe’s did, because this is addictively good. Made with mushroom popcorn instead of the more tradition butterfly popping corn (seriously — look it up), this popcorn is flavored with dill oil and citric acid (along with various other “natural flavors”) to achieve that pickle-like effect