Los Angeles' Top 5 Burgers Slideshow

5) Irv’s Burger

Irv's is an OLD school joint in WeHo, been around since 1950. Burgers are really simple, with a thick patty, and not healthy in the slightest. Owners are super, crazy friendly, and draw pictures of you on your to-go bag while you wait.

4) The Original Tops

The pastrami burger is the thing to order at Tops! It’s an enormous and juicy monstrosity. Split in two for easy sharing… if you’re into that. Featuring more of a fast-food vibe, Tops is located in Pasadena and has been fattening folks up since 1952.

3) Fukuburger

Fukuburger is a Japanese-style, trendy burger joint in Hollywood. Burgers feature thinner patties and include unique Japanese ingredients. The combinations may seem daring but everything works. More importantly, they offer a full bar.

1) Father's Office

While they don’t serve a traditional burger, Father's Office just blows away all the competition. The blue cheese/bacon/onion spread sets them apart (and you couldn’t substitute it if you tried). If you ask for ketchup here, you will be executed, but what a way to go.