The Local Delivers Elevated Comfort Food in Chicago

In a neighborhood full of trendy restaurants, The Local offers quality traditional dishes that everyone loves

The Local’s fried goat cheese.

In the high-end area of Chicago where upscale hotels and shops are prevalent, it’s easy to get wrapped up in what’s trendy. Sometimes, however, there’s nothing that satisfies like traditional flavors that everyone knows and loves.

That’s where The Local comes in. Located in the Hilton in Chicago’s buzzing Streeterville area, The Local seeks to be just that—a friendly, comfortable neighborhood respite from the fancy steakhouses and newest concept bars. This is a place where you can still get a top-of-the-line steak without needing a jacket.

Classic American dishes with an elevated twist are what you’ll find on the menu. Starters include kettle chips drizzled in hearty blue cheese fondue and truffle oil, and fried goat cheese, lifted to new heights with lavender honey and cinnamon applesauce.

Entrées bring familiar favorites to a higher standard. Chicken pot pie is creamy and flavorful in a golden, flaky crust, exactly as you hope it would be. Their pot roast won’t leave you hungry, packed as it is with roasted root vegetables, baby carrots, and green peppercorns.

Keep an eye on the specials board. There you’ll find the steak cut of the day, which, coming from sister restaurant Chicago Cut Steakhouse, is sure to be quality. Other daily specials include surprising and tasty vegetable dishes and a tempting pie from partner Hoosier Mama Pie Company.


The Local strikes a balance of elevated comfort, which just may make it a local worth checking out.