Little Spoon Frozen Pudding: the Summertime Treat You've Never Heard Of

Step aside ice cream, a new frosty creation has arrived

Little Spoon Pudding

The proof is in the [Little Spoon] pudding.


Frozen yogurt, pops, ice cream, shakes… we've all been there and done that. But how about frozen pudding? Little Spoon Frozen Pudding is a new dessert company based out of Los Angeles that has created what they say is “thicker, richer, creamier version of ice cream.” I've tried it — and yes — it is a delightful spin to your traditional gooey pudding cup. Plus it doesn't melt!

In other words, its a great alternative to getting stuck on the beach with melted ice cream. Though I personally like ice cream in all forms, even soupy, I also love the fact that this treat simply becomes normal pudding when thawed.

Currently they have five flavors: campfire chocolate, coconut cream pie (vegan and gluten free,) nana banana, caramel latte, and brown sugar vanilla. Moreover, they come in adorable little pudding cups and they're all-natural.

“We love ice cream as much as anyone, but we got tired of racing against the clock to eat our scoops before they melted. We solve that problem so you can have your frozen dessert and actually eat it, too!" Said co-creators and founders of Little Spoon, Jason and Hannah. "We created our frozen pudding by accident but once we realized it solved a major problem, we couldn't wait to share it with the whole world.” 

Little Spoons Frozen Pudding ships nationwide.

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