Laffy Taffy Is Finally Selling Banana-Only Candy Bags

The banana flavor of Laffy Taffy is something fans literally go bananas for — and for a limited time, the candy company is heeding banana lovers' call. New 3.5-ounce bags of banana-flavored Laffy Taffys called "Gone Bananas!" are being sold for a suggested retail price of one dollar.

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"Across the industry we've found consumers are partial to their favorite flavors but in our experience, no flavor has been quite as polarizing as our banana flavored Laffy Taffy," said Brian Lutz, Laffy Taffy brand manager at Ferrara Candy Company, in a press release. Some people love the taste of fake banana, other people hate it. The whole thing is a sticky, pale-yellow mess.

But the people have spoken. "Our research shows sixty-one percent of Americans identify banana-flavored Laffy Taffy as their favorite flavor," Lutz said.

So on April 1 (note the date), actor and comedian Joel McHale posted a lament on his Instagram that his pack of Laffy Taffy didn't contain any banana.


After enduring the apparent ordeal, he posted another Instagram with the question: Does banana-flavored Laffy Taffy exist anymore at all?

All this was, of course, #sponsored. All along, McHale and Laffy Taffy were in cahoots, having a laugh to hype up the release of their banana-only bags. If you ask Lutz, it's "the best April Fool's Day prank [they've] ever done."

If you ask the rest of the world, the verdict is split. (Ha.)

Some fans of the tongue-shaped candy are psyched about the new offering. "Dreams do come true!" said @glennglazer.

Others are sticking their tongues out at the whole idea.

@chisaioppai calling candy a "chaotic evil" might be a little dramatic. But the question of whether banana Laffy Taffy pieces are gross or great could shape up to be one of the most divisive food debates of our generation.