Krispy Kreme's Newest Doughnut Tastes Like Salty Eggs

Some iconic breakfast foods are better together. Bacon and eggs, for example. Or avocado and toast. But Krispy Kreme's newest invention combines two breakfast foods no one has yet dared to mash up: salty eggs and doughnuts.

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While they look like regular glazed doughnuts, the Salted Egg Filled Ring Doughnuts are stuffed with "lava egg," a runny, yellow custard made with egg yolks. Fortunately for anyone who is horrified by the idea, the doughnuts are available only in Thailand and only until June 30. Each doughnut costs 35 baht (a little over $1).

You might turn up your nose at the thought of an egg-filled pastry, but abroad this isn't all that unusual. Egg tarts are actually a popular breakfast option in many countries, including Taiwan, China, Portugal and parts of Latin America. These egg tarts are more sweet than savory, often loaded with sugar and made with thick cream. Salted eggs are also not uncommon.Β Usually made with duck egg, they're actually quite theΒ popular street food in Thailand and other Asian countries.Β 

These doughnuts are unusual, though, even in Thailand. The custard filling is made with egg yolk, milk, sugar and (this is the unique part) salt. Krispy Kreme combined both the sweet snack and the savory one.Β 

American Twitter users don't seem into the idea. "HARD *boiled egg* PASS #eww," said @aliciarubintv.

"GTFOH!!! THIS LOOKS & SOUNDS DISGUSTING!!! #yallruineverything," said @RunwayDiva.

OK Twitter, we hear you, but how about this salt-loaded bacon, egg and cheese burger on a Krispy Kreme doughnut?

Sometimes, it works really well to pair salty and sweet. Have you tried a chocolate-covered pretzel? So don't give up hope for these doughnuts just yet. And this isn't the first time someone's tried to revolutionize the doughnut. The best doughnuts in America are all doing things differently.