Krispy Kreme Made an All-Chocolate Version of Its Oreo Doughnut

These treats have gone to the dark side

The chain's gone chocolate crazy.

Diet, who? New Year’s resolutions are out the window (or put on pause, at least) for brand-new Krispy Kreme doughnuts. From January 14 through January 27, the chain will be offering decadent chocolate versions of four classic filled doughnuts at shops in the U.S. and Canada.

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First is the Chocolate Glazed Cake Batter Doughnut, which features chocolate dough glazed with more chocolate, dipped in chocolate icing, topped with sprinkles and filled with cake batter. That’s launching alongside a Chocolate Glazed Raspberry Filled Doughnut that starts with a raspberry-filled chocolate shell covered with chocolate glaze, chocolate frosting and a red icing swirl.

krispy kreme chocolate

Courtesy of Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme's new chocolate filled doughnuts.

Here’s where things get seriously chocolatey. The Double Chocolate Glazed Kreme Filled Doughnut is made with vanilla cream-filled chocolate dough glazed with chocolate that’s chocolate-frosted and decorated with white icing. And last but not least is the Chocolate Glazed Oreo Cookies and Kreme Doughnut that starts with an Oreo cream-filled chocolate shell, which is glazed in chocolate and then chocolate-frosted and topped with Oreo cookie pieces and additional decorative chocolate icing.

krispy kreme chocolate

Courtesy of Krispy Kreme

The inside of the Double Chocolate Glazed Kreme Filled Doughnut.

Krispy Kreme is a temptress, and there’s more where that came from. If you join the chain’s rewards app now through January 27, you’ll receive a dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts for free if you purchase any dozen doughnuts at regular price. Sorry Canada, this promotion is available in the U.S. only.


Representatives for Krispy Kreme claim the company isn’t trying to sabotage those who’ve vowed to make healthier decisions in 2019, though they were inspired by them. Apparently, people trying to stick to their fitness goals crave chocolate more than any other flavor, according to a survey by TRUE Global Intelligence (the in-house research arm of FleishmanHillard, a public relations firm that represents Krispy Kreme). So that’s where all the chocolate comes in. But let’s face it: Doughnuts aren’t the only things keeping you from sticking to your New Year’s resolution.