KFC Is Bringing Back Chicken and Waffles for 1 Month Only

Apparently customers thought it was finger lickin’ good

Last year in November, KFC launched Kentucky Fried Chicken and Waffles slathered in syrup. It probably goes without saying, but people were really into that. The hot take on a classic dish was short-lived though, as it disappeared from menus by the year’s end (although some restaurants sold out within just two weeks). But don’t go making brunch reservations somewhere else just yet! Kentucky Fried Chicken and Waffles are coming back to KFC from March 23 through April 29.

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Due to an “overwhelmingly positive response from customers” and the “immense demand” for the fast food’s return, customers are getting exactly what they asked for: an extra crispy fried chicken breast topped with Mrs. Butterworth’s maple-flavored syrup between two thick Belgian Liege-style waffles. The waffles are also made with pearl sugar imported directly from Belgium, which makes them sweet and crunchy on the outside.

kfc chicken and waffles

Courtesy of KFC

Like the first time around, chicken and waffles Colonel Sanders’ way can be ordered in two variations: as a sandwich for $5.99 or as a basket meal for $5.49. The latter comes with a choice of one-piece breast, two-piece thigh and drum or three-piece tenders with one waffle and a side of syrup. Super hungry folks can order a Big Basket meal with two waffles, two sides of syrup and a choice of two-piece white meat, three-piece dark meat or four-piece tenders for $7.99. Each option is only here for four weeks, so get them while you can before they're long gone like these nine discontinued snacks we wish would come back.