Hollywood's Jane Q Restaurant Offers $700 Secret Menu Item

Jane Q Restaurant in Hollywood's Kimpton Everly Hotel is a casual modern restaurant known for serving top-notch quality local fare. However, the LA eatery is kicking things up a notch with their latest off-menu item. Jane Q is serving up a $700 Golden Apple dessert.

The apple itself is locally-sourced, like many of Jane Q's other dishes, and is cored and then filled with decadent white chocolate ganache. The apple is then coated in salted caramel created by executive chef Bryan Podgorski before it is rolled in edible gold leaf.

The expensive treat is served to guests on a wood base in a glass cloche (how very Beauty & The Beast meets Snow White!) with an heirloom silver Laguiole knife and fork set (because a $700 dessert can never be too extra). The cost of the dessert also covers a 1.5 -ounce pour of Louis XIII cognac.

Valentine with a treat that costs more than a one-night hotel stay.

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