It's A Dream Come True: Whole Foods Is Opening A Mac And Cheese Bar

A new Whole Foods Market opening in Denver will include a macaroni and cheese bar. On November 15, Denver's Union Station location will open, and with it the grocery chain's first macaroni and cheese bar. According to The Denver Post, lucky shoppers will get to purchase cheesy creations tailored to everyone's tastes, such as pulled pork barbecue macaroni and cheese, roasted tomato macaroni and cheese, classic mac, and even vegan mac and cheese.

As if that wasn't cheesy enough, the new supermarket will also feature a 100-pound cheese tower hand-cut to order by certified cheese professionals from the American Cheese Society. There will also be three local Denver joints with in-market restaurants as part of the "Friends of Whole Foods Market" campaign. Birdcall, Tel Aviv Street Food, and Allegro Coffee Roasters will be joining the market to offer their various specialties to customers.

We're marking November 15 on our calendars as the day we are flying to Denver to get our bellies full of some of the gooiest, creamiest, most over-the-top macaroni and cheese Whole Foods has to offer.